About us

Logport ensures urban storage and logistics centres are flexible in both form and function.

Our shared values led to a passion for turning urban sites and brownfields into functional, attractive, community-friendly developments. We are not only developers, we carefully curate the right locations within the city and bring them into the future. The Logport concept supports essential urban infrastructure by combining city logistics, distribution, last mile delivery, pick-up points, retail, showrooms and offices.

We are focused on design and technical methods to make buildings green and more efficient. But this goes far beyond just robotics, solar panels, water retention, high-quality insulation, plant-based materials and green spaces: the Logport concept goes further by striving to ensure that former brownfields and under-utilized urban sites become a focal point for building real community. We develop modern urban distribution and logistics ports that allow you to streamline your business and improve infrastructure flow that then serves as the foundation for a modern city.

Our platform

Logport concept relies on the innovative capability of our in-house team of experienced real estate professionals to turn urban sites and brownfields into flexible and multifunctional attractive, sustainable, community-centered commercial parks.

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01  |Identifying the location

Choosing the right location is the first step of every successful project. Our experience, broad overview of the market and local knowledge form the foundation for the success of all projects. Our cooperation begins here.

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02  |Development Study

Careful analysis of our client’s business and goals allows us to identify just the right spot for their business and helps create a product that matches their needs. It’s development study that enables us to use our proven concept, which meets the needs of even the most demanding clients.

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03  |Project & Design

We make projects that work within the right location. This includes a high level of architecture and the form and function which will add value to both the client’s business and the local community. We ensure that technical specifications and building quality meet the highest standards. And our engineers work closely with the commercial department, making sure clients get what they need, at the price that they want.

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04  |Permitting

Urban development is often fraught with difficulty but Logport’s years of experience and its wealth of connections help us deliver the product to clients on time, without the usual hassle. This is a key driver for our mutual business success.

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05  |Financing

Thanks to our strong financial partners, we can ensure that projects run smoothly through each phase — from discovery to ribbon cutting — along with property management and on-site services.

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06  |Construction

Realization of the project is the most beautiful part of the whole project. We pick the best general contractors, making sure we deliver a unique product to all our clients. One we can all be proud of.

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07  |Asset and Property Management

We stay with the properties after hand-over to the clients and take personal responsibility for developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, monitoring the properties in the most cost-effective manner.


Who is behind the Logport project?

David Vais

Chief Executive Officer

david.vais@logport.cz #davidvais

David founded Logport in 2018 with the idea of revitalizing old and unused urban brownfield sites through the development of modern commercial zones supporting key urban infrastructure. David is mainly involved in strategy but also in the day-to-day operations of the company. He is also active in leasing and communication with investors.

His goal is to build a network of multifunctional commercial zones across Europe, combining different types of uses focused on urban logistics. All this is according to the latest building technologies, taking into account the use of alternative energy sources.

Jirka Kašek

Jiří Kašek

Chief Financial Officer


As an executive and Chief Financial Officer of Logport, Jiří oversees the economic side of the projects that are both in preparation and in the construction phase. His primary goal is to create a sufficiently diversified and stable financing structure for the implementation of all projects. He bases his decisions on his extensive experience from previous positions in the Czech Republic and abroad, where he has dealt with, among other things, the financing of real estate projects, preparing financial debt transactions on the capital markets, risk management, investor relations, and the rating business.

Jiří has been in the world of finance since 1994, when he started as a securities analyst at Creditanstalt. He gained valuable experience as an analyst and later portfolio manager at Citigroup and also as an analyst at the renowned rating agency Moody’s. Later, he worked in financial positions at Home Credit International and at ECM Real Estate Development, which brought him into close contact with the real estate market. From 2010 to 2012, he became a director of Raiffeisen Leasing Real Estate, and since 2013, he has been working at EBM Group as CFO.

Jiří Kašek holds the prestigious international title of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Adam Kudrlička

Development Manager

adam.kudrlicka@logport.cz #adamkudrlicka

Adam has been with Logport since its beginnings, and he is in charge of the initial phase of the development process, which includes the initial project analysis, technical and legal due diligence, property relations, purchase agreements, technical preparation of the project, and its negotiation with authorities, neighbors, and network administrators. Once the building permit is granted, the project is gradually handed over to the construction site for realization; however, he continues to be active in the project until it receives the occupancy permit.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Charles University, he joined the international consultancy JLL in 2018, where he was engaged in the search and evaluation of land suitable for commercial development.

Adam’s background in legal issues combined with his experience in the construction industry makes him a key person for every project Logport undertakes.

Hana Lhotská

Purchasing Director

hana.lhotska@logport.cz #hanalhotska

Hana has been working in Logport since 2021, and she is responsible for all tenders and purchases for the parent company as well as the individual development projects. She manages all operating and construction costs, economic calculations and controlling of projects and acquisitions.

Hana has been specializing in the construction market for 15 years and is an absolute leader in purchasing. Thanks to her long experience in top management positions, she has a perfect overview of the current trends in the Central European construction industry.

Prior to joining Logport, Hana worked for 13 years at CTP, where she progressed to Head of Procurement and became a member of the company’s Board of Directors. She was responsible for the cost of construction of approximately 800,000 sqm of new industrial and office projects across CEE annually, representing an annual volume of approximately €320 million. Throughout her time at CTP, she was responsible for the cost and cost savings of the construction of 40 industrial zones across Central Europe. At CTP, she created operational tools and implemented processes and IT systems essential for the proper functioning of complex procurement and economic calculations. She managed the company’s expansion into markets in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

Josef Lhotský

Construction Director

josef.lhotsky@logport.cz #joseflhotsky

Josef has been Logport’s Construction Director since 2021, and he is responsible for the preparation and coordination of permitting and design of individual buildings, overall project execution, deadline control, budgeting, and completion. He also handles all tenant change requests.

From 2003 until 2015, he worked at CTP. He started as a project manager for the construction of industrial halls, where he eventually reached the position of main construction and project management manager for the CTP Group within South Moravia and East Bohemia. Within CTP, Josef was in charge of the complete construction management of complex industrial zones in Brno, where leading Czech and foreign companies such as Kompan, DHL, Honeywell, Moduslink, ABB, and others are located on approximately 350,000 m2. He was responsible for the technical supervision of the investor during the construction of the Brno Vlněna office complex and also for the management of interior fit-outs and all tenant requirements.

From 2015 to 2017, he worked for the real estate company CPI Group as project director of the renovation and revitalization project called Zbrojovka Brno.

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