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Our goal is not just to be a developer and builder of commercial zones. We also want to become a good neighbour and partner for municipalities, inhabitants, and users of our parks.

With each project, we want to improve both the local urban infrastructure and the quality of life for everyone around it.


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Civic amenities

The diversity and multifunctionality of our commercial zones (and users) brings new services to a given locality and thus increases local civic amenities.

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The architectural and technical solution of our buildings is designed according to the strictest criteria for sustainable development. These include working with rainwater, using rooftop solar panels, vibrant green facades, LED lighting, planting, and landscaping outdoor public areas, promoting electromobility, and more.

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Employment opportunities

Together with our partners and users, we create new, quality job opportunities in a variety of industries.

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We sensitively adapt our commercial zones to the given and publicly accessible environment. We work to connect local transport infrastructure to bike paths and public transport. In each park, we consider the development of outdoor areas for leisure activities that are open to the public.

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Our presence in every city and village elicits a favourable economic effect not only for citizens but also for local government. We are committed to supporting investments that improve the quality of life of citizens. Improved infrastructure and civic amenities naturally increase the value of all properties in the area.


We are committed to ensuring that all our buildings are certified by the two highest levels of BREEAM certification, Excelent and Outstanding.
BREEAM is a standard of building design practices that emphasises sustainability and the environmental impact of a building. Performance criteria are determined according to the specifications of a building’s design, construction, and use. These criteria represent a wide range of categories from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and quality of life), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology, and management processes.


We have created an ecosystem that has a direct, positive impact on the environment and life around our parks. We try to design our buildings to utilize as many renewable energy sources as possible. We use rainwater and solar power in every park. Since we care deeply about the comfort of all residents and users, we sensitively place our parks in the local infrastructure and support local communities. Naturally, this includes connecting to existing local networks of bike paths and public transport. Outdoor green areas are landscaped and usable for leisure activities.

  • Rooftop solar panels

    the installation of solar panels on the large roofs of our buildings has a favorable economic impact on the operation of the entire park and of our tenants

  • Rainwater

    we use rainwater for flushing and also for watering the rich greenery we plant around the buildings of our parks

  • Green facades

    green facades naturally cool their surroundings and thus prevent the formation of heat islands

  • Connection to local infrastructure

    by connecting to the local transport infrastructure (cycle paths, public transport), we improve accessibility of our parks for all users.

  • Bicycle stands

    facilities for cyclists are the basis for promoting an active lifestyle along with environmental sustainability

  • Electromobility

    charging points in our parks are an indispensable part of promoting electromobility

  • Use of outdoor areas (outdoor playground)

    the use of outdoor space for relaxation and exercise activities by tenants and local residents is an essential part of supporting civic amenities

  • Landscaping of external areas

    we care not only about the first impression of our parks