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At Logport, we are more than just about business. We believe in supporting non-profit projects as a fundamental ethical value. Our team at Logport is composed of driven individuals who set high standards in both their professional and sporting pursuits, and it is our keen interest in sport that led us to dive into sports sponsorship.

Not only do we support semi-professionals on their path to victory, but also professional athletes representing the Czech Republic on the international stage. We made this choice because we fully grasp the importance of nurturing dreams of sporting triumphs that inspire thousands to achieve their goals.


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Cycling team

Within Logport, we are not just a group of employees, but also a team of sports enthusiasts and accomplished amateur athletes. Some of our colleagues represent Logport in top-level competitions, all thanks to the unwavering support we provide. One of our proudest moments is Marek Volf’s achievement, as he represented Logport and successfully defended the first-place title at the Czech Republic Track Cycling Championship.

This accomplishment not only stands as a significant milestone for Marek personally but also serves as a source of pride for our entire Logport Cycling team. Although many of our colleagues achieve championship-level results, we extend an open invitation to anyone who shares the desire to improve, overcome their limitation, and become a valued member of our team.

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Martina Dubovská

Logport also supports professional athletes, which is why in the autumn of 2023, we partnered with a Czech alpine skier Martina Dubovská. Martina has been competing in the World Cup since 2011 and achieved her highest ranking by securing 6th place in the slalom event in Levi, Finland. She also participated in the 2014 Sochi Olympics and represented the Czech Republic at the Pyeongchang Games in 2018.

In the pursuit of success in international competitions, the emphasis on training and preparation takes precedence over financial concerns. We firmly believe that with our support, Martina will continue to chase her most significant sporting ambitions and effectively represent the Czech Republic in global competitions.