Beyond the borders of Logport Prague West Park, we had a meet-up in Jinočany.

Logport Prague West

Beyond the borders of Logport Prague West Park, we had a meet-up in Jinočany.

18. 10. 2023

Every now and then, we come together not only with representatives of the municipalities but also with the residents. It’s a great way to strengthen the good relationships we want to build with our neighbors in the long term and we believe the need for mutual information sharing to be fundamental.

On September 7th, we gladly accepted an invitation from Jinočany’s mayor, Mrs. Čančíková, to address questions regarding the development of Logport Prague West, located just a stone’s throw from the town. At the core of Logport’s vision is the creation of urban infrastructure closely aligned with the needs and growth of the community.

During the meeting, we shared our vision for the upcoming park transformation set to commence in mid-October. The residents of Jinočany had the opportunity to view visualizations created by the team at the New Visit architectural studio. These visuals showcased the future layout of the noise barrier and its park enhancements. Our architects have thoughtfully planned the planting of 270 trees and 2,700 shrubs, creating a brand-new, picturesque park that will significantly transform the whole area. These green spaces will serve as places for relaxation and rest, and as the mayor mentioned, they will connect the community life among the more distant parts of the municipality.

In the Logport Prague West area, we will plant hundreds of more trees and thousands of shrubs. This means we will enrich the surroundings of the municipality with 180 traditional landscape trees, 212 avenue trees, and 3,640 ornamental and utility shrubs. Our park buildings are getting a makeover, with green facades adorned by 674 climbing plants and numerous perennials, creating a delightful environment throughout the entire area.

We assured our neighbors that our park won’t be an exclusive zone – unlike some other projects, it will be open to all. This way, the locals can also use the rest and relaxation areas on site. And let’s not forget the improvements to local infrastructure – including public transport stops, complete with facilities for bus drivers. These stops will make the journey to the metro quicker, cutting the commute from the previous twenty minutes down to just five.

Infrastructure expansion also concerns cyclists. We have built a new section of the cycle path and connected it to the main backbone route, which conveniently leads cyclists from Jinočany all the way to the center of Prague. We have taken on board the suggestions from residents about expanding the cycle path, and we are in full agreement, already working on the necessary legal steps that will lead to a solution.

As part of our Logport ecosystem, we are also introducing charging stations for electric cars. Currently, there are already two charging stations in the area designated for tenants, but we are preparing ten more stations for public use. We hold the firm belief that the facilities for promoting electromobility will also provide additional convenience for the residents of Jinočany.

Our meeting was mutually rewarding and pleasant, and we are confident that we are headed in the right direction.